Penis Extender Options That Men Should Know

A man with a small penis will always be on the lookout to get a bigger one. Because of this, he will do a lot of research online with regards to what options are available for him in terms of making his penis bigger.

Men will do whatever it takes to improve their penis size particularly if they feel that their penis is not of the appropriate size. This is the main reason why penis extenders continue to be part of a million dollar industry that caters to the problems of men.

For those who are interested in penis extender options, here are some of the stuff that they can try.

External extenders

External extenders can be considered as prosthesis that people can attach to their penises to make it bigger. There are many types of external extenders. The most popular extender is using more than one condom.

This type of extender slightly increases the length and significantly increases the width. Many men go with this type of external extender method particularly if they have problems with the thickness or girth of their penises.

Aside from double condoms, some men also buy specially made penile prostheses that significantly increases length. The only problem with these extenders is the fact that it really affects sensitivity. Sexual pleasure is compromised for the sake of penis size increase.


There are men who are willing to work on the long term to get a bigger penis. In this regard, penis extension pills are the best solution for them. These pills are considered as supplements and they contain ingredients that are naturally available.

These ingredients are known and used by ancient cultures to improve or increase penis length and girth. Pills like these are not guaranteed to work with all men. However, men continue to use it because of the slight chance that they may get a bigger penis.

These pills are definitely a popular way to improve penis size. Many men who have an adequately sized penis still use pills just because they want to make it bigger.


If the penis does not become bigger after using pills for years, then there is a big possibility that the only option a man has available is surgery. Surgery to make a penis longer is a very complex procedure that can sometimes be a bit risky.

This is why doctors only recommend using surgery if there are no other options available. When properly implemented, surgery can improve penis size by 5 to 10 percent. There are many kinds of penis enlargement surgeries.

This includes internal implants that make a penis bigger. It also costs a lot of money. This is why only a few people opt to go with surgery.

With all these penis extender options available, picking the right one may be hard especially for those who are really not knowledgeable.

This is why, it is highly recommended that people talk with their doctors first before picking the penis extender that they want to go with. This is most especially true for pills and surgery.

Are There Options In Treating Lower Sperm Count?

Fertility is something that both men and women need to take seriously especially those couples who are planning on having a family of their own.

If women have problems with fertility, there are also men who suffer from such and this condition is known as Oligospermia which is the condition where in men would suffer from abnormal low number of sperm during ejaculation.

Men who suffer from low sperm counts would sometimes have problems accepting such fact and not all of them would like to let people know about their problem. The good thing though is that there are ways of avoiding this problem and there are also ways on treating it.

To those who wish to know what option they have, here are some things to consider:

  • One option that men could try out taking herbal pills which are known to treat low sperm count in men. This is one of the ways that men should consider since it provides the most effective as well as the best natural treatment without side effects. Men should bear in mind that there are a lot of factors associated with low sperm count such as bad lifestyle such as smoking, drinking too much alcohol, and drugs. Bad fashion sense could also lead to low sperm count such as wearing of too tight jeans.
  • There is also this Intracytoplasmic sperm injection or ICSI which would involve injecting a single sperm directly to the egg cell for it to be fertilized or to make sure the couples would be able to have a baby. ICSI may not directly treat low sperm count but what it does is provide option to those couples who would like to start their own families. Men should check out this option in case they are really hopeless about having a child.
  • Men should also consider doing relaxation exercises such as yoga since this would help clear the mind. Low sperm count or infertility would usually be caused by stress which is why it is important that men should consider to at least doing relaxation exercises or it is also great if men should spend time going to the spa and get a massage or go on vacation to at least clear their minds to de-stress.
  • Guys should bear in mind that they should need to maintain a healthy weight. People who are having a hard time making a baby because of the fact that men are a bit obese. It is best to maintain that healthy weight so as to ensure that it would not result to low sperm count.

These are some of the treatments or considerations that men need to bear in mind if they really wish to improve their sperm count. Low sperm count in men is quite common because of the fact that men are always busy and due to some external factors.

To make sure that men would address their condition, they need to consult a doctor and find out more about what options to consider.

Everything About Andropause

Andropause is the male version of menopause. This happens to males when they get a lot older. When a man reaches is 40-55, this is the time that they would be able to experience something just like what women experience during menopause.

The thing is, men do not have a clear signal when it comes to knowing when this phenomenon would take place unlike in women that it usually happens when their menstruation ends which is the time that they suffer from menopause.

When men are already in the andropause stage, there are bodily changes and to know more about Andropause, here are some things to consider. Although there is no known time when this happen, one thing is for sure and that is this is bound to happen when the male gets older.

This happens gradually and to know more about its symptoms, here are some things to bear in mind:

  • The men would usually have lesser sexual desire and In particular, men would also suffer from an erection. This is definitely a significant sign since it could decrease a man’s intellectual activity, men tend to suffer from fatigue, depression, anger, and it also makes a man have poor orientation. There are tons of other changes that men suffer from so to those who wish to know how these things need to be taken care of, seeing a doctor would certainly help.
  • Just like in women, men also suffer from mood changes. This is something that commonly affects both men and women and it could also result to anxiety, loss of patience, and worse, it could make a man become restless
  • To those men who have better physique, they would certainly see some changes as their lean bodies would lose all its mass and strength due to this condition.
  • Men would also tend to lose bodily hair. This is also the start of men’s problems about receding hairline and that men would also suffer from baldness. It’s a good thing that there are certain products that could help people grow their hair back and could help them regain their confidence back.
  • Bone density would also usually decrease which could then result to osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a bone condition that people need to avoid because it can lead result to bone fractures and breaks.
  • Men would also suffer from increased fat in the internal organs which is why men would suffer from getting a lot of fat around internal organs.

Andropause is a condition that happens in men. This is something unavoidable but something that men could deal with. There are many things that men could feel when they are in this stage so there is really nothing to be scared of.

To those who are a bit scared of the symptoms that they are getting, they could always see a doctor and ask for medical advice or ask for some prescription in case they would need any when buying medicines to alleviate what they are feeling due to this condition.

Male Enhancement Benefits And Side Effects

Men are defined by their penises. A man can be attractive, rich, healthy and of great character but he will not be as well regarded as a man with a bigger penis that him. Wealth, power and good looks are nothing compared to having a bigger penis.

This is the main reason why men who feel that they have small penises would do whatever it takes in order to try to get a bigger one. The male enhancement industry is the million dollar industry and it is constantly growing.

Because of male enhancements, men regardless of their age or station in life have hope about getting a bigger penis. However, they really need to be familiar with the benefits and side effects of male enhancement.

Having a bigger penis

This is the major benefit regarding male enhancements. Male enhancement procedures can help increase penis size. Men who have a bigger penis can have a great improvement in their attitude, confidence and overall outlook in life.

This outlook in turn, results to better opportunities in life. Having a bigger penis really changes a man. This change is a good thing because it makes the man and those around him to adopt a good mood at all times.

Confidence boosting

A man needs confidence in order to accomplish a lot of things. By getting a bigger penis, a man can truly enjoy all the confidence that he wants. This is the main reason why men who have a bigger penis are more mature and surer of themselves.

Men with a small penis tend to overcompensate. They do this by buying expensive cars, big houses and attractive girlfriends in order to show off that they are impressive men despite the fact that they have a small penis.

By getting a bigger penis, they can become more confident and avoid the penchant to overcompensate.

It can affect performance and function

An increase in size often comes with a price. This price not only pertains to the financial cost of the procedure. It also pertains to the results and side effects that come with artificially increasing the size of one’s penis.

Some male enhancement techniques can actually affect the way that the penis functions. The penis may be bigger but the hardness of the erection may be affected. It can also affect control over the penis.

There are also some cases when the sensitivity is greatly affected to the point that a man loses the urge to have sex.

It can be expensive and finding the right service provider may be hard
There are many unscrupulous individuals out there who are willing to do anything just to make money.

This includes selling fake male enhancement supplements. On the other hand, going with quality products as well as quality service providers can be very expensive. Because of this, some men just forgot getting a bigger penis.

A bigger penis is a serious matter. As such, people should take it seriously. If they do not take it seriously, their bodies will be the one who will suffer.

Penis Extenders: Are They Worth It?

Penis extenders remain one of the most popular products being sold online. This is because there are a lot of men who are really obsessed about the size of their penis. They really feel that their penis size is inadequate.

The feel that because of having a small penis, they are not able to be more confident and aggressive enough to accomplish things. They equate their abilities to face the world to the size of their penis.

If their penis is not big enough, then they are not good enough. By going with penis extenders, they are able to address their inadequacies. But are penis extenders really worth it?

Here are some facts and points to ponder.

Many men equate their virility to the size of their penis

Men do not feel like men if they have a small penis. They are embarrassed by this matter and they would hide it from everybody else. When this happens, their ability to talk to the opposite sex.

They also lose confidence and it affects their ability to work. This is the main reason why men who have a small penis invest greatly in penis extenders. They feel that the only way to improve the quality of their lives is to get a bigger penis.

This is also the primary opportunity that many penis enlargement companies hope to exploit.

Penis extenders do not work all the time

At present there is no penis extender product or process that works for everyone. The available options are still hit or miss. However, many men still go with these products in the hopes that it will work for them.

They know that there is a big chance that it won’t work for them but they focus on the slim chance that it might work for them. The hope of getting a bigger penis is the main reason why people are willing to pay for penis extenders.

People who are not familiar of this fact should really start being realistic as soon as possible.

Surgery is risky and expensive

Those hope that surgery will make their penis bigger. Unfortunately it is risky and very expensive. This is the main reason why doctors only recommend this as a last resort.

If there are other options available, the doctors would always recommend those options instead of surgery. This is why people should think twice before going with surgery.

Men want a bigger penis at all costs

There are men who are defined by their penis size. This means they will do anything to get a bigger penis at all costs, even at the expense of functionality, health, aesthetics as well as control.

Some men would rather have a bigger penis even at the expense of sensitivity. This is why for certain men, penis extenders are definitely worth it.

If a man equates his manhood to his penis size, then any way to improve the size of his penis is worth it. There are men who are willing to pay a lot of many just to improve their penis length by an inch.

What Causes Low Sperm Count?

One of the main goals of married couples is to have a baby. The thing is, if either the wife or the husband would not be able to make a baby, then couples need to consider other alternatives to help them have a complete family.

In cases of men, they have what they call low sperm count and if a man is suffering from such, then he needs to know what causes it so as to find a way to prevent it or avoid it.

To know more about what causes low sperm count, here is a list of what people need to know of:

  • The first thing that men should avoid in order for them not to have low sperm count is to avoid smoking and avoid using prohibited substances such as cocaine, heroin and marijuana. This is because these things could impair and reduce a man’s sperm count. These things make it a bit hard for the sperm to swim and connect with the egg cells so it could make a baby. Another thing is that it terms of smoking, a study has proven that men who smoke would have lower sex drive as compared to those who do not smoke.
  • Lifestyle issues could also contribute to lower sperm count. These lifestyle issues such as stress whether physical or emotional stress should also be avoided this is because stress could definitely delay or obstruct the production of hormones that helps improve the sperm count so as to make it easy to make a baby. Using lubrication are also known to affect the production of sperm count which is why men need to know these things so they would know that they have to avoid using it.
  • Age is also something that could affect sperm count. Although this is something that is not that supported, there are men who would experience having low sperm count as they reach the age of 39. This is because when the body ages, it would suffer from different changes and that may affect a man’s fertility.
  • Environmental factors also affect a man’s sperm count. This is sometimes that could not be avoided because of work or other reasons. There are men who work and their work requires high risk which is certainly going to affect the production of sperm. Men who are exposed to the sun could also suffer from lower count so this is something that men should avoid especially if they want to have a child.

These are some of the things that men need to bear in mind if they are planning on having a baby. Having low sperm count could be treated and there are a lot of options that man need to consider.

To those who are suffering from such condition, what they can do is seek the advice of a doctor or an expert so couples would know what other options they could take advantage of to help them with their problems.

Couples do not have to worry because these things have solutions.

Common Symptoms of Andropause

While it is true that it is common for women to have menopause, the same thing cannot be said about andropause, which is its counterpart in the males. There are many symptoms associated with andropause.

Nonetheless, a man doesn’t have to experience all the symptoms for him to be diagnosed with such. Hence, if you are an aging man, and you start experiencing the following symptoms, make sure that you see your doctor immediately so that you can be given the necessary help.

Here are some of the symptoms most common to men with andropause:

Erectile Dysfunction

The most common and probably the most frustrating symptom of andropause is erectile dysfunction. After all, if a man cannot get an erection, how can he have the most gratifying and pleasurable human experience?

You have to remember that the primary cause of andropause is the decline in the levels of the testosterone, which is the male sex hormone. When a man reaches the age of 30, the testicles produce less testosterone, and this continues as a person continues to age.

More often than not, men who get affected with andropause are between the ages of 40 and 79 years old. So, if you wonder why you are starting to have the inability to get an erection, and you are already aging, it could be that you are already suffering from andropause.

Depression over Nothing

Another symptom of andropause is depression for no apparent reason. While it is true that depression can hit anybody, regardless of age and health condition, men who are stricken with andropause get depressed even if there is no reason for them to be so.

So, if you are beginning to suspect why you easily feel depressed despite the fact that your life is close to be being perfect, it could be that you are suffering from andropause.

Decreased Libido

If you always had an active sex life in the past, and it seemed that you couldn’t live a day without having sex, and you start to notice that your interest in sex is beginning to wane, then, it could be that you have andropause, too.

For many men who have andropause, this symptom often comes with erectile dysfunction. Because of their decreased libido, they can hardly get an erection. However, these two symptoms don’t always come as a pair.

There are just some men suffering from andropause who just can’t get an erection despite the high libido and filling their heads with dirty thoughts.


Just like women who have menopause, men who have andropause can get really cranky, too. They tend to make a mountain out of a molehill. They easily find mistakes in things or people, and they tend to blow them out of proportions.

More often than not, they become blue in the face even if there is no clear and justifiable reason for them to do so.

The good thing is that, if you have andropause, you don’t have to live with it. If you see your doctor, he will surely prescribe that you take oral or injectable testosterone so that you can deal with your andropause.

Male Enhancement Techniques That Work

Getting a bigger penis is a big deal. This is because a bigger penis makes a man feel more superior to other men. Men are wired to desire to have the biggest penis possible.

The reason why the male enhancement industry is constantly growing. Having big penis is just something that appeals to men. They feel that having a big penis will make them more attractive to women.

Because of this, it is very important that men do everything possible in order to ensure that they get their penis size increased.

For men who are interested in having a bigger penis, here are some male enhancement techniques that work on some men.


Supplements are the most popular way in order to have a bigger penis. They sell like hotcakes online. These supplements contain formulations that help stimulate penis size growth.

These supplements are often made up of herbal products and substances that are known to help improve penis growth. A bigger penis is definitely possible with these supplements. Unfortunately they come with no guarantee.

Supplements have varied levels of effectiveness. Because of this, it is hit or miss. One can say that supplements may or may not help in increasing penis size. However, the chance of getting a bigger penis through supplements is still something that men cannot ignore.

As such, they keep on buying supplements.

Penis Pumps

Penis pumps are the second best thing to supplements. These penis pumps are basically machines that help in stimulating penis growth by effectively stretching the muscles of the penis. Penis pumps are very popular with many young men.

This is because penis pumps can also double as self pleasing devices. Like supplements, penis pumps are not guaranteed to work all the time. They are also not as reliable as supplements.

However, there are men who claim that they got a one to two inch size increase just by regularly using a penis pump for a few months. Its stories like these that keep penis pumps a constant best seller in the market.

Penile surgery

If one wants instant penis size increase, then surgery is their best bet. There are many surgical procedures that are designed to give men a bigger penis. These surgical procedures range from implants as well as exposing some of the hidden penile muscle.

Only skilled doctors should office this service. Penile surgery is a very delicate matter as the slightest mistake can really affect the behavior and functionality of the penis. Penile surgery is also very expensive but it is also very effective.

Because of this, there are many men who have a small penis who will do everything possible in order to earn enough money to pay for penile enhancement surgery.

Male enhancement techniques remain popular in the market. As long as there are men who are not satisfied with their penis size, the availability of various male enhancement techniques will continue to persist.

This is the main reason why the market continues to grow and businesses are having a hard time catching up.