Bottom Beef Round Roast Recipes

Are you ready to impress your family and friends with a delicious and hearty meal? Look no further than this easy and flavorful Beef Italiano recipe! Using affordable round cut beef and simple pantry ingredients, you can create a tender and savory dish that will leave everyone craving for more.

Bottom Beef Round Roast Recipes
Bottom Beef Round Roast Recipes

Perfectly Tender Beef, Thanks to the Slow Cooker

The key to achieving tender and juicy beef is to use the slow cooker. Not only does it infuse the meat with rich flavors, but it also ensures that the beef becomes incredibly tender. This recipe takes approximately three hours in the slow cooker, making it a great option for a lazy Sunday or a busy day when you want to have dinner ready effortlessly.

To begin, cut the round beef into small cubes. This will allow the slow cooker to work its magic more quickly, breaking down the meat into perfectly tender pieces. Aim for about two pounds of beef, diced into half to three-quarter inch cubes.

Building Flavor with a Sear

Before adding the beef to the slow cooker, it’s important to sear it. This step is crucial in building the depth of flavor that will make your Beef Italiano truly exceptional. Heat up a pan and sear the beef on each side, creating a beautiful crust that locks in the juices and intensifies the taste. Be sure not to overcrowd the pan, as it will prevent the proper searing process.

Once the beef is seared, it’s time to transfer it to the slow cooker. But before that, prepare a simple flour mixture with Italian seasoning, which combines oregano, thyme, garlic powder, salt, and pepper. Sprinkle this mixture over the seared beef, coating it evenly for an extra layer of flavor.

Simplicity and Flavor in Every Bite

In addition to the seared beef, this recipe calls for diced tomatoes and tomato paste. While you can simply dump the canned tomatoes into the slow cooker, here’s a little secret: take the opportunity to grab all the flavorful fond from the bottom of the pan. By adding the diced tomatoes to the pan and stirring, you’ll scrape up those delicious bits and infuse your Beef Italiano with even more taste.

Once you’ve added the tomatoes and tomato paste to the pan, mix everything together until well combined. At this point, turn off the heat and transfer everything into the slow cooker. Don’t forget to sprinkle the flour mixture evenly over the ingredients. Surprisingly, there’s no need to add extra broth or water. The diced tomatoes and the natural juices from the beef will create the perfect ratio of moisture, resulting in a thick and savory sauce.

Get Ready to Indulge

Now that everything is in the slow cooker, set the timer for three hours and let it work its magic on high heat. The mouthwatering aroma will fill your kitchen, building anticipation for the delicious meal that awaits.

After the three-hour mark, it’s time to give your Beef Italiano a taste test. The beef should be tender and flavorful, with the sauce perfectly thickened by the flour mixture. Serve it over your favorite noodles for a classic comfort meal the whole family will love.

A Versatile Recipe to Suit Your Taste

One of the best things about this Beef Italiano recipe is its versatility. If you’re in the mood for a Latin-inspired creation, simply swap the Italian seasoning with cumin and chili powder. Serve it with rice instead of noodles for a delightful twist. The possibilities are endless, allowing you to adapt the recipe to your preferences and experiment with different flavors.

So gather your ingredients, fire up your slow cooker, and get ready to enjoy a satisfying and comforting meal. Try this Beef Italiano recipe today and let the flavors transport you to culinary heaven!

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Beef Italiano

Bottom Beef Round Roast Recipes

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