Carrabba’s Lentil Soup Recipe

Hey there, foodies! Get ready to indulge in the ultimate comfort food. Today, I’ll be sharing my secret recipe for Carrabba’s sausage and lentil soup. Packed with flavorful lentils and loaded with essential vitamins and minerals, this soup is not only heartwarming but also incredibly nutritious. So, grab a spoon and let’s dive into the goodness!

Carrabba's Lentil Soup Recipe
Carrabba's Lentil Soup Recipe

Sautéing the Veggies and Sausage

To begin, heat up a large soup pot and add a tablespoon of olive oil. While the pot is heating, prep your mirepoix, which is a combination of one large onion, two stalks of celery, and one carrot. Sauté the mirepoix until it becomes tender and releases its juices. Now, it’s time to add two crushed cloves of garlic for an extra burst of flavor. Give everything a good stir.

Browning the Italian Sausage

Next, add one pound of Italian sausage to the pot and let it brown. As the sausage cooks, chop it up into smaller pieces for a uniform texture. Once the sausage is nicely browned, it’s time to reintroduce the sautéed vegetables that we set aside earlier.

Adding the Flavorful Ingredients

Now, let’s add the star ingredients that will make this soup truly irresistible. Begin with two cans of whole tomatoes that have been chopped. You can also use one bag of chopped tomatoes if you prefer. Make sure to rinse them according to the bag’s instructions. To enhance the taste, add one teaspoon of salt, one teaspoon of black pepper, a half teaspoon each of crushed red pepper, oregano, and thyme, and a half teaspoon of fennel seeds. Don’t forget to include a bay leaf for that extra special touch.

Give everything a thorough stir, and if you’re a fan of a little heat, the crushed red peppers and black pepper will definitely do the trick. Adjust the spices according to your personal preference and taste.

Simmering for Perfection

Now, it’s time to let the magic happen. Put the lid on the pot and let the soup simmer on low heat for approximately 35 to 40 minutes. This will allow all the flavors to meld together and create a soul-soothing masterpiece.

The Finishing Touches

After the simmering time is up, give the soup a gentle stir and do a quick taste test. If you feel the need for any last-minute seasoning adjustments, go for it. Remove the bay leaf, as its work is now done.

While some prefer a thicker texture, the restaurant version achieves this by blending a portion of the soup and adding it back in. However, I personally enjoy the texture just as it is, so I skip this step.

Time to Savor

Congratulations! Your Carrabba’s sausage and lentil soup is now ready to be enjoyed. Ladle it into bowls and savor the aroma and flavors that will warm your soul. Whether it’s a cozy evening at home or a gathering with loved ones, this soup is sure to impress.

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So, get your aprons on, gather your ingredients, and let’s get cooking. Remember, when it comes to tried and true recipes, top-notch ingredients, and the talk of the table, it’s always Cindy Certified!

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Carrabba’s Lentil Soup Recipe

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