Cracker Barrel Corn Casserole Recipe

Imagine sinking your teeth into down-home, Southern classics at Cracker Barrel. But do all of their side dishes hit the mark? Let’s take a closer look at what makes their dishes shine and where they could use some improvement.

Cracker Barrel Corn Casserole Recipe
Cracker Barrel Corn Casserole Recipe

The Good, The Bad, and The Mushy Carrots

Let’s start with the not-so-great side dishes. If you’re not a fan of mushy vegetables, Cracker Barrel’s baby carrots might disappoint. Cooked too long, they lose their texture and become grainy and soggy. Plus, the seasoning falls flat, leaving the carrots begging for more salt.

Dumplins with a Floury Sauce

Cracker Barrel’s dumplins themselves are well-made, with a nice fluffy texture and well-seasoned taste. However, the sauce they come in is a letdown. Over-thickened with flour, it turns the dish heavy and gluey, overpowering the lightness of the dumplings. The chicken flavor is also lacking, leaving behind a strange, fishy aftertaste.

A Fruity Medley That Misses the Sweet Spot

While the blend of pineapple, strawberries, and blueberries might look appealing, the taste falls flat. The strawberries lack sweetness, the blueberries are slightly sour, and the pineapple appears unripe and bland. Although the fruit is freshly cut, it’s missing the vibrant flavors that would make it truly satisfying.

Corn Without the Sweetness

Cracker Barrel’s corn lacks the sweetness that we crave. Even though it might not be corn season, frozen corn picked at its peak can still deliver that desired flavor. In this case, the corn is dull and underseasoned, leaving it without any notable flavor.

Broccoli: The Savior of the Vegetable Kingdom

Among the disappointing vegetables, the cooked broccoli manages to stand out. Properly cooked and seasoned, it has a perfect tender-crisp texture. Although it lacks extra seasoning, the earthy and mildly bitter taste of the vegetable shines through, making it more flavorful than the other choices.

Baked Potato: A Home Run with Some Exceptions

Cracker Barrel’s loaded baked potato is a decent choice, but it falls short compared to what you can make at home. The potato itself is firm, suggesting it could have used a bit more time in the oven. The bacon bits lack crispiness, and the cheddar cheese is slightly rubbery. On the bright side, the overall combination works well, eliminating the need for extra salt.

Underwhelming Turnip Greens

Cracker Barrel’s turnip greens offer tenderness and the essential pot liquor that greens aficionados appreciate. However, they lack flavor. Despite the addition of country ham, the flavor doesn’t come through strongly enough. They could benefit from a touch of salt, acidity, heat, and sweetness to balance out the bitter essence.

Hashbrown Casserole: Creamy Cheese Goodness

Cracker Barrel’s hashbrown casserole wins with its creamy Colby cheese, savory seasoning blend, and diced onions. The flavor is rich and cheesy, although the dish lacks crunch. The top layer browns slightly in the oven but doesn’t provide the desired crispy texture. However, the onion chunks are a pleasant surprise, adding a bit of raw crunch.

A Twist on Mashed Potatoes

Cracker Barrel’s mashed potatoes offer a unique twist, as they are dense and slightly chunky. While they lack fluffiness, they are packed with potato flavor and have a pleasant richness. Served plain or with gravy, they bring a savory character to the table.

Coleslaw Done Right

Unlike many chain restaurants, Cracker Barrel’s coleslaw stands out for the right reasons. The blend of green and red cabbage retains its crispy texture, while the dressing strikes a perfect balance between creaminess, sweetness, and a hint of vinegar. The result is a refreshing and well-executed coleslaw that maintains the essence of the dish without overwhelming it.

Biscuits: A Solid Foundation

Cracker Barrel’s buttery biscuits have a hint of saltiness and no sweetness. They provide a fluffy-bready texture, making them perfect for savoring soups or sopping up juices. While they are not the most remarkable biscuits on their own, they serve as a solid base for soaking up flavors.

Warm and Gooey “Fried” Apples

Cracker Barrel’s “fried” apples are actually baked, resulting in a less-sweet apple pie filling. The apples retain some crispness while becoming soft and delicious. With a gooey sauce that strikes the right balance between sweetness and acidity, it’s a warming and hearty dish that pairs well with ice cream or country ham.

Hashbrown Casserole Tots: A Crunchier Version

Cracker Barrel’s hashbrown casserole tots offer the texture and browning that the regular casserole lacks. The flavor is similar, but the frying process enhances the cheesiness and seasoning. The tots have a soft crispness and chunks of onion that are better cooked than the ones in the casserole. Surprisingly, they are not overly greasy.

Slow-Cooked Green Beans Done Right

Cracker Barrel’s slow-cooked green beans offer a slight sweetness and meaty flavor. Cooked for hours, they develop a robust taste that surpasses the flavor of beans simply boiled. Infused with the savoriness of pork seasoning, along with onion and garlic powder, they have a mouthwatering kick.

Hearty and Flavorful Vegetable Soup

Cracker Barrel’s vegetable soup is a medley of flavors and textures. Chunks of tomato, peas, beans, and corn swim in a rich and deep broth. The beans add starchiness, while a touch of salt and black pepper enhance the taste. It’s a satisfying and hearty soup that warms the soul.

Crispy and Snappy Fried Okra

Cracker Barrel’s fried okra is crisp, fresh, and bursting with green, springy flavor. Despite being coated in breading and fried, the natural taste of the vegetable shines through. With a light crispiness and an absence of excess oil, it’s a delicious side that pleases the palate.

Cornbread Muffins: The Perfect Balance

Cracker Barrel’s cornbread muffins strike a balance between sweet and savory, with a powerful corn taste. The cornmeal adds a slightly gritty texture that complements the hearty and not overly dense muffins. They are a testament to simplicity done right.

Sweet Potato Bliss

Cracker Barrel’s sweet potato is a standout dish, with a soft and creamy inside and tender skin. It’s cooked until almost candy-sweet, and the toppings elevate it to another level. Slathered in sweetened butter and crowned with a toasted marshmallow, it’s reminiscent of a delicious Thanksgiving sweet potato casserole.

Mac and Cheese: Creamy and Delicious

Cracker Barrel’s mac and cheese is a true delight. The elbow macaroni is cooked to perfection, and the cheddar cheese sauce is luxuriously rich and smooth. The flavor is cheesy without being overwhelming, and the texture is creamy. It’s a comforting dish that hits all the right notes.

Steak Fries with a Twist

Cracker Barrel’s steak fries stand out with their crispy batter coating. The thick-cut potatoes offer a fluffy and soft interior, with a savory garlic salt seasoning that adds a delightful garlicky aroma. These fries are more substantial and have a more pronounced potato flavor compared to typical fast-food fries.

Perfectly Cooked Pinto Beans

Cracker Barrel’s pinto beans are a masterclass in simplicity. Cooked from dry, they have a firm texture and robust flavor. The addition of tender chunks of pork enhances the rustic taste, creating a comforting and creamy dish that far surpasses canned beans.

At Cracker Barrel, while some side dishes might miss the mark, others shine with their Southern comfort flavors. With a careful selection, you can enjoy a satisfying meal that brings a taste of the South to your table. Come experience the best that El Reno Ok and Cracker Barrel has to offer!

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Cracker Barrel Corn Casserole Recipe

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