How Long Do You Cook a 10 Pound Turkey


This is the time of year when you’re likely to get a lot of questions about how long you need to cook a turkey. The answer depends on whether you’re cooking it in the oven or in a slow cooker, but also on how much turkey you’re cooking. To help with these questions, we’ve put together this guide for all your Thanksgiving needs. We’ll show you how to identify the size and weight of your turkey, as well as give tips (and tricks) for making sure that bird gets done just right!

How to cook a 10 pound turkey?

10 pound turkey takes about 6 hours in the oven.

10 pound turkey takes about 8 hours in the slow cooker.

10 pound turkey takes about 12 hours in a smoker, or 24 hours if you’re doing it low and slow with a water bath (which we’ll talk about later).

How to cook a turkey in the oven?


Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Place turkey breast side down on a rack in a roasting pan, season with salt, pepper, and herbs (if desired). Baste with melted butter or oil every 20 minutes while cooking. Cook for 20 minutes per pound until internal temperature reaches 165 degrees F when measured at the thickest part of the thigh with an instant-read thermometer

How to cook a turkey in the slow cooker?

Cooking a turkey in the slow cooker is easy and convenient. Here’s how:

  • Put the turkey in your slow cooker with enough water to cover it completely, then turn on low for 8 hours.
  • Remove the turkey from its cooking liquid (you can save this liquid for making gravy later) and let it cool down until you’re ready to carve it up into pieces at dinnertime!
  • When you’re ready, remove all stuffing from inside of bird by hand or with two forks; discard stuffing before serving meat on platter or cutting board as desired–it’s not very good anyway ­čÖé

How long should you put your turkey in the oven?

The answer to this question depends on what you are looking for in your turkey. If you want it to be more moist, then it will take longer in the oven. If you are cooking a stuffed turkey, then again this will affect how long it takes to cook.

The best way to tell if your turkey has been cooked properly is by using an accurate meat thermometer (like this one) and checking its internal temperature at various points throughout its cooking time.

How long should you cook your turkey in the slow cooker?

The cooking time for a 10-pound turkey depends on the size and weight of your bird. A 10-pound turkey will take about 6 to 8 hours in a slow cooker on low, or 3 1/2 hours on high.

You can use an instant read meat thermometer to check for doneness: when it reaches 165 degrees F (74 C), your bird is ready to eat! If you don’t have one, simply cut into one of the thighs with a knife; if there’s no pinkness or blood liquid inside, then it’s done. Once cooked through, let your turkey rest for 15 minutes before carving so that all that delicious juice doesn’t run out when you slice into it.

Cooking a 10 pound turkey takes time and planning.

When you’re preparing a 10 pound turkey, you need to be sure that it is fully cooked before serving. This means that you should use a meat thermometer and make sure the internal temperature of your roast reaches 165 degrees Fahrenheit.

The best way to ensure this is by cooking it slowly in an oven or slow cooker until it reaches its proper doneness level. The problem with doing so is that there are many factors involved when cooking a large bird like this one–and even more variables if you choose not to use either of those methods! Let’s take a look at some of those factors now:


We hope you found this article helpful, and we wish you a happy Thanksgiving!

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