How Long Do You Cook Fresh Green Beans


I love fresh green beans. They’re healthy, they taste great, and they’re easy to prepare. But how long do you cook fresh green beans? That’s a question that I get all the time, so let me address it!

How Long Do You Cook Fresh Green Beans?


The cooking time for green beans depends on the size of your vegetable and how you plan to serve them. If you want to eat them raw, or just toss them into a salad, then they don’t need much more than a quick blanching in boiling water before serving.

For a side dish or main course with other ingredients (like pasta), however, we recommend allowing about 15 minutes for each pound of fresh green beans before removing from heat and draining off any excess liquid that has accumulated in your pot.

There are many ways to prepare fresh green beans.

There are many ways to prepare fresh green beans, including boiling, steaming and microwaving them. But when it comes to keeping the green beans bright and crisp, sautéing is best.

Steaming retains nutrients better than boiling because it doesn’t require added water or other liquids. It also keeps the color of your veggies vivid–you don’t have to worry about them turning drab as they cook in liquid like you would with boiling or microwaving methods.

Boiling tends to soften the texture of most foods (including green beans), which means that if you want something softer than usual when it comes time for cooking with fresh produce from your local farmer’s market or grocery store then this might be an ideal way for getting those results without sacrificing too much flavor!


If you want to cook green beans, make sure that they are fresh. Cook them in a pot with water and salt until they are tender. You can also add other ingredients like bacon or onions to enhance the flavor of your dish.

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