How Long to Cook Boneless Chicken Thighs in Oven


If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to cook boneless chicken thighs, look no further than the oven. The method is simple: just pop them in a 400 degree oven for an hour, or until they reach 165 degrees F (74 C) internal temp. This cooking time can vary depending on the size of your thigh, but as long as they aren’t dried out or undercooked, they’ll be delicious!

Boneless chicken thighs

Boneless chicken thighs are a good choice for baking, because they’re less likely to dry out than boneless chicken breasts. Chicken thighs have more flavor than breasts, too–you may have noticed that dark meat tends to be juicier and more flavorful than white meat.

This recipe will give you tender, moist baked chicken with a crispy skin on the outside!



  • Prep the oven. Preheat it to 400 degrees F and place a rack in the middle.
  • Prep your chicken thighs. Pat them dry with paper towels, then season with salt and pepper.
  • Prep your pan(s). If cooking more than one pan at once, line each one with aluminum foil for easy cleanup later (you may also want to use parchment paper if you’re worried about sticking). In each pan, place about 1/4 cup olive oil along with garlic cloves or onion slices (if desired), rosemary sprigs or thyme branches (if desired), and lemon slices (to help roast the chicken).

Boneless Chicken Thighs Recipe in the Oven

Boneless chicken thighs are a fabulous alternative to boneless chicken breasts. They have more flavor, and they’re easier to cook because they don’t dry out as easily. This recipe will give you juicy, flavorful boneless chicken thighs that are perfect for any meal!

  • Cooking Time: 1 hour (Cooking time may vary depending on the size of your oven and how many chicken thighs you’re making.)
  • Cooking Temperature: 375 degrees F
  • Cooking Method: Bake

Your chicken will be ready in an hour.

In an hour, your chicken will be ready to eat.

The cooking time for boneless chicken thighs in the oven can vary based on a number of factors: the temperature of your oven and how thick each piece of meat is. The best way to determine how long it will take for your chicken to cook through is by using an instant-read thermometer and checking its internal temperature after 30 minutes or so (see below). If you don’t have one handy, use this approximate guide:

  • 1/2 inch thick = 20 minutes
  • 3/4 inch thick = 25 minutes


The best part about this recipe is that it’s easy to make. The hardest part is just waiting for the chicken to cook! And with these boneless chicken thighs, it will only take an hour.

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