Cooking the Sweet Potato Fries
Cooking frozen sweet potato fries in the air fryer is incredibly easy and convenient. Once you have preheated your air fryer, it’s time to start cooking your fries. The ideal temperature for cooking sweet potato fries is 400┬░F, and the cooking time varies depending on the thickness of the fries. Typically, cooking sweet potato fries in an air fryer takes between 10-20 minutes.

When cooking sweet potato fries in the air fryer, it’s essential to shake the basket periodically to ensure even cooking. Shaking the basket also helps to prevent the fries from sticking to the bottom of the basket. For best results, shake the basket every 5 minutes to ensure that the fries cook evenly on all sides.

Adding Flavor to the Sweet Potato Fries
Sweet potato fries are delicious on their own, but adding seasonings and spices can take them to the next level. Here are some suggested seasonings and spice blends that you can use to add flavor to your sweet potato fries:

  • Cinnamon and brown sugar: for a sweet and savory twist
  • Garlic powder and paprika: for a smoky and spicy flavor
  • Parmesan cheese and Italian seasoning: for a cheesy and herby taste

To add flavor to your sweet potato fries, mix the spices with the fries before cooking. This allows the spices to coat the fries evenly, resulting in a flavorful and delicious snack. Be sure to mix the fries thoroughly to ensure that the spices are well-distributed.

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