Mike’s Hot Honey Recipes

Have you ever wondered what makes a perfect pizza topping? Sure, there are the classics like pepperoni and sausage, but in recent years, a new contender has taken the pizza world by storm: hot honey. And if there’s one brand that has mastered the art of hot honey, it’s Mike’s Hot Honey.

With its unique combination of honey and chili peppers, Mike’s Hot Honey adds a kick to your palate that will leave you craving more. What started as a simple hobby for founder Mike has now become a $40 million a year company.

Mike's Hot Honey Recipes
Mike's Hot Honey Recipes

From Hobby to Hot Honey Sensation

Mike’s journey began in college when he aspired to work in the condiment industry. Inspired by a chance encounter with Larry Raymond from Sweet Baby Ray’s, Mike knew he wanted to create something special. It wasn’t until a hiking trip in Brazil that inspiration struck. At a small pizzeria, Mike tasted the combination of honey and chili peppers on pizza, and it blew his mind. He couldn’t shake the memory, and soon he started experimenting with infusing honey, chili peppers, and vinegar.

Over the next six years, Mike perfected his hot honey recipe, testing different flavors and peppers. Eventually, he brought his creation to Paulie Gee’s pizzeria, where customers fell in love with the unique flavor. Bottles of Mike’s Hot Honey started flying off the bar, and the demand grew.

The Birth of a Thriving Business

In 2014, a buyer from Whole Foods recognized the potential of Mike’s Hot Honey and wanted to bring it to their store. This was a turning point for the company, as it brought innovation to the honey aisle that hadn’t been seen in years. With a growing customer base and the need for more inventory, Mike and his college friend Matt Beaton joined forces to scale their business.

They faced countless rejections when seeking investment but eventually found success, raising approximately $12 million. With financial partners on board, Mike’s Hot Honey expanded its product line and collaborated with other brands, including Utz, Maille, and California Pizza Kitchen.

Spreading the Hot Honey Love

To increase brand awareness, Mike’s Hot Honey provided neon signs of its logo to select restaurant partners. These signs became badges of pride for the restaurants, giving customers a marker of quality. Today, there are over 50 neon signs across the country, with a long waitlist of shops eager to join the Hot Honey family.

With its growing success, Mike’s Hot Honey now reaches approximately 30,000 locations. But the team isn’t stopping there. They’re determined to introduce even more people to the unique taste of hot honey.

Try Mike’s Hot Honey for Yourself

Whether you’re a pizza lover, a fan of spicy foods, or just looking for a new flavor experience, Mike’s Hot Honey is a must-try. It’s not just for pizza—this versatile condiment can be used on everything from fried chicken and cocktails to charcuterie boards and salads. The possibilities are endless.

To get your hands on a bottle of Mike’s Hot Honey or explore their range of products, visit their website El Reno Ok. Join the hot honey revolution and discover a whole new world of flavor.

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