Papa John’s Garlic Sauce Recipe

Are you tired of never getting enough of that delicious garlic butter sauce every time you order from Papa John’s? Well, I have a solution for you! I’m going to let you in on a little secret – you can make your own Papa John’s garlic sauce at home, and it’s super easy. Plus, you can use it on any pizza you like. Trust me, once you try this recipe, you’ll never have to worry about running out of garlic sauce again!

Papa John's Garlic Sauce Recipe
Papa John's Garlic Sauce Recipe

The Ingredients

To make this mouthwatering garlic sauce, you’ll only need two ingredients – liquid margarine and fresh garlic. Papa John’s actually uses margarine instead of butter, so it’s important to stick to that for an authentic taste. And while it may be tempting to use garlic granules, trust me, using fresh garlic is the way to go. Granules can make the sauce gritty, and we definitely don’t want that!

Let’s Get Cooking!

Start by peeling and finely mincing two or three cloves of garlic. If you’re a garlic lover, feel free to add a little more. Using a grater or a sharp knife, finely grate the garlic until it almost liquefies. This will ensure that the garlic flavor is evenly distributed throughout the sauce.

Next, add between one quarter and one third cup of liquid margarine to the minced garlic. You can use clarified butter if you prefer, but liquid margarine stays in its liquid form better. Mix the garlic and margarine together until well combined.

Let the Flavors Marry

Now it’s time to let the flavors mingle and marry. Transfer the garlic sauce to a container and refrigerate it for a while. This will allow the flavors to infuse and the garlic to permeate the sauce. The longer you let it rest, the more intense the garlic flavor will be.

Enjoy Your Perfect Homemade Garlic Sauce

When you’re ready to indulge in some pizza goodness, take out your homemade Papa John’s garlic sauce from the fridge. It’s time to give it a try! You’ll be amazed at how flavorful and just like the original it tastes. The perfect balance of garlic and buttery goodness will make your taste buds dance with joy.

The best part about making this garlic sauce yourself is that you can have as much as you want whenever you want. No more missing out because someone else finished it off before you got a chance! So, go ahead and enjoy your pizza with an abundance of homemade garlic sauce.

Join the Cooking Adventure

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