Pear Butter Recipe For Canning

Welcome to Elder Gray by Elizabeth! Today, I want to share a delightful journey I had in my kitchen last week, making homemade pear butter from scratch. It was my very first attempt at canning, and let me tell you, it was an absolute joy. So, grab a seat and let me take you through the whole process. I promise you’ll have fun!

Pear Butter Recipe For Canning
Pear Butter Recipe For Canning

Peeling and Chopping the Pears

The first thing I learned was that the majority of the work involved peeling and chopping the pears. These pears were firm, almost like apples, and although they were sweet, they never seemed to soften. To make this task easier, I used an apple peeler corer and slicer to remove the peel. However, I discovered that removing the cores was a bit more challenging. As a result, my first batch had a slightly grainy texture. But for the second round, I took my time and carefully removed all the core pieces, resulting in a smoother pear butter. It was a tedious process, but the effort was well worth it.

Making Small Batches in the Instant Pot

Once all the pears were chopped, I made small batches of pear butter in my trusty Instant Pot. This step was time-consuming but required minimal hands-on effort. I didn’t follow a precise recipe, but I started by combining a cup of water and a cup of honey in the bottom of the Instant Pot to create a syrup-like base. Then, I added the pear pieces and let them cook down throughout the day.

I didn’t utilize any of the special pressure functions of the Instant Pot for this recipe. Instead, I used it as both a slow cooker and stovetop pot. I wanted the liquid to boil down, and sealing the pressure cooker wouldn’t allow that. One of my favorite features of the Instant Pot was the timer. I could set it and let it cook independently while I went about my day without having to constantly monitor it like I would with a stovetop pot.

To enhance the flavor, I added a touch of powdered ginger and a stick of cinnamon, which I later removed. After simmering all day, the mixture turned a lovely pink color and became highly concentrated. At this point, I used a hand blender to create a smooth and creamy puree. To achieve the desired thickness, I continued boiling the mixture for about an hour before moving on to the canning process.

Canning the Pear Butter

I wish I had more footage of the canning process to show you, but it required a lot of concentration and timing. After boiling the jars and preparing them for canning, I wiped the edges clean and placed the canning lids on top. Then, I submerged the jars in boiling water. Initially, I was worried about the air bubbles I saw, but they were actually a good sign. They indicated that the air inside the jars was escaping, creating a tight seal as the jars cooled down.

And there you have it! Homemade pear butter, lovingly preserved for your enjoyment. I hope you had as much fun reading about this adventure as I had making it. If you liked this article, please give it a thumbs up and share it with your fellow food enthusiasts. And don’t forget to join me next week for more exciting kitchen and garden adventures. Thank you for being a part of the Elder Gray by Elizabeth community!

Pear Butter Recipe For Canning

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