Pork Belly Burnt Ends Recipe

Welcome, food lovers! Today, we’re diving into a mouthwatering delight that will have your taste buds singing. Get ready for the juiciest, most succulent maple bourbon pork belly burnt ends. These bite-sized gems are bursting with flavor and will leave you craving more. With only four simple ingredients, let’s get started on this culinary adventure.

Pork Belly Burnt Ends Recipe
Pork Belly Burnt Ends Recipe

A Match Made in Barbecue Heaven

Before we begin, let’s address the skeptics. Traditionally, burnt ends come from brisket. However, in the barbecue world, we’ve embraced a twist and redefined what burnt ends can be. So, prepare for a flavor explosion with these perfectly smoked and saucy pork belly bites. Trust us, once you taste them, you’ll be a believer too.

Preparation is Key

Start with five pounds of skinless pork belly. If you’re wondering where to find the best quality pork bellies, look no further than your local Costco. With half of the slab, you can make mouthwatering bacon, while the other half will be transformed into these delectable burnt ends.

Seasoning the Pork Belly

To ensure maximum flavor, we’ll slather our cubes of pork belly with a little something extra. Instead of the traditional mustard slather, we’ll use spray avocado oil to help the seasoning adhere. This also creates a crispy crust when smoked. Choose your favorite barbecue seasoning, but we highly recommend our irresistibly sweet rub. You can purchase it from our store or follow the recipe on our website to make it yourself. Trust us, it’s worth the extra effort.

The Smoking Process

Now that our pork belly is perfectly seasoned, it’s time to smoke it to perfection. One handy tip is to use flat cooling racks to evenly smoke multiple pieces. These racks make it easy to move them around without the hassle of individual placement. Smoke your delicious cubes at 250 degrees Fahrenheit, using your preferred wood. For a match made in heaven, try using maple wood chips.

Time to Infuse the Flavor

After about three to four hours, when the pork belly reaches an internal temperature of 160 to 175 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s time for the next step. Although some prefer a higher temperature, we find that the magic happens when the fat renders during the brazing process. Place the pork belly cubes in a cast iron skillet or a disposable aluminum pan. Top them with our signature maple bourbon barbecue sauce, available in our store or homemade. To enhance the flavor, add four tablespoons of butter cut into pieces. Drizzle the sauce over the cubes, ensuring they’re evenly coated.

Back to the Smoker

Return the tantalizing cubes to the smoker and let them cook until they reach an internal temperature of around 200 degrees Fahrenheit. This will give you the desired meltingly tender texture we’re aiming for. It may take an additional one to two hours, but trust us, it’s worth the wait.

The Finishing Touch

Congratulations, your pork belly burnt ends are ready to steal the show. Remove them from the smoker and give them one final toss in the sauce. Now, you have two options. You can serve them right from the pan, where they’ll stay warm for hours, making them perfect for parties or game day snacks. Alternatively, transfer them to a serving board, allowing them to cool down slightly and tighten up.

The Moment You’ve Been Waiting for

Now, here’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for – the first bite. These sticky, beautiful, melt-in-your-mouth morsels are truly a barbecue lover’s dream. Imagine the juiciest boneless rib you’ve ever tasted, with flavors reminiscent of a classic smoked rib. Thanks to the sweet rub and maple bourbon combination, each bite is an explosion of taste. With just four ingredients, it’s truly a testament to the power of simplicity.

Get Cooking!

Ready to try this sensational recipe for yourself? Head over to heygrillhey.com or download the Hay Grill Hey app for step-by-step instructions. Our mission is to help you create unforgettable barbecue moments and become a backyard barbecue hero. If you’re looking for even more support and a community of barbecue enthusiasts, join us at thegrillsquad.com – our online membership platform and barbecue community.

So, grab a plate, gather your loved ones, and savor each bite of these irresistible pork belly burnt ends. Don’t forget to visit El Reno Ok for more exciting recipes and inspiration. Cheers to a barbecue adventure like no other!

Pork Belly Burnt Ends Recipe

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