Recipe For 6 Inch Cheesecake

Have you ever craved a party food that you could keep all to yourself and enjoy in secret when no one’s watching? Look no further! Get ready for the scrumptious recipe of mini cheesecakes that will leave you craving for more. Join me, John Kanell, on “Preppy Kitchen,” as I teach you how to create mouthwatering homemade dishes to share with your loved ones.

Recipe For 6 Inch Cheesecake
Recipe For 6 Inch Cheesecake

Crafting the Perfect Crust

Let’s start with the crust, where we’ll be using graham crackers and toasted pecans. However, feel free to experiment with any cookies that you love. The choice is yours! Toasting the pecans adds a delightful aroma and enhances the overall flavor. Combine 16 graham crackers, half a cup of toasted pecans, a quarter cup of sugar, and half a teaspoon of cinnamon in a food processor. Give it a few pulses until everything is finely ground. Next, slowly drizzle in four tablespoons of melted butter while continuing to pulse. If you don’t have a food processor, don’t worry! Simply mince the nuts and crush the cookies in a plastic bag, then mix them with melted butter in a bowl. It’s just as easy and efficient, with the added benefit of fewer dishes to clean.

Creamy and Smooth Cheesecake Filling

In a stand mixer, blend one pound (or 16 ounces) of room temperature cream cheese until it becomes velvety smooth and creamy. If you don’t have a stand mixer, a big bowl and an electric hand mixer will do the trick. Add sugar, salt, and a third of a cup of sour cream to the cream cheese mixture, allowing everything to blend together. As the mixer does its magic, feel free to add a splash of vanilla for an extra touch of flavor. Don’t forget to scrape down the sides of the bowl to ensure all ingredients are thoroughly mixed.

Assembling the Mini Cheesecakes

Before we dive into assembling the cheesecakes, let me share a little secret with you. This recipe makes a generous batch of mini cheesecakes, but why not make a few extra to store in your freezer? These little treats are perfect for enjoying anytime you want! Now, let’s get back to assembling. Start by spooning a generous tablespoon of the crust mixture into each cupcake liner. This crust will give the cheesecakes a delicious base, but you can adjust the amount to your liking. Press the crust down gently using a shot glass or any small, flat object. If you prefer less crust or even no crust at all, go for it! The choice is yours. Once the crust is ready, spoon the cheesecake mixture into the cupcake liners, aiming for neatness. An ice cream scoop works wonders here. The mixture will puff up and then deflate during baking, leaving a perfect little well to fill. You can choose to top your mini cheesecakes with cherry or blueberry fruit filling, homemade or store-bought, for a burst of fruity goodness. Alternatively, adorn them with a dollop of whipped cream and fresh berries. Be prepared, though — these treats are dangerously snackable. One bite-sized delight after another, and you won’t even realize how many you’ve enjoyed!

Baking and Presentation

Preheat your oven to 350°F and bake the mini cheesecakes for approximately 15 to 18 minutes. If you prefer a flatter appearance rather than a rise and fall, you can bake them at a lower temperature for a longer duration. However, remember that the final touch of whipped cream and berries will make them equally enticing regardless of their shape. While the mini cheesecakes are baking, take a moment to whip up a batch of homemade whipped cream. Once the cheesecakes have cooled, adorn their tops with a piping bag filled with whipped cream or a simple dollop. You can also add a cherry or strawberry pieces for added visual appeal. The final result is a heavenly treat that combines the nuttiness of the crust, the velvety texture of the filling, and the fluffiness of the whipped cream with the freshness of the berries. Pure bliss!

If this recipe has left you craving more, check out my OREO cheesecake recipe. It’s a bold and indulgent delight packed with the goodness of OREOs. But for now, enjoy every mouthwatering bite of these mini cheesecakes.

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