Ruth Chris Creamed Spinach Recipe

If you find yourself at Ruth’s Chris Steak House, chances are you’re craving a juicy cut of meat. But choosing the right side dish can make or break your meal. Here’s a breakdown of the best and worst sides to eat at Ruth’s Chris, so you can make the most of your dining experience.

Ruth Chris Creamed Spinach Recipe
Ruth Chris Creamed Spinach Recipe

Don’t Miss: Pan-Roasted Cremini Mushrooms

We know not everyone is a fan of mushrooms, but the pan-roasted cremini mushrooms at Ruth’s Chris are worth a try. Cooked in a veal demi-glace, these mushrooms have a meaty texture and a mouthwatering flavor. The addition of thyme adds freshness and a new element of flavor. These mushrooms are cooked to perfection, soft enough to go down easily but with enough bite to feel substantial.

Skip: Basic Baked Potato

While the loaded baked potato at Ruth’s Chris comes with a variety of toppings, the potato itself is dry and lackluster. It’s heavy and bland, and you’ll need to add a ton of salt and pepper to make it more palatable. Plus, at a whole pound, it’s too much food if you’re also enjoying a steak. If you’re craving a baked potato, it’s better to make one at home.

Indulge: Truffle Lobster Mac and Cheese

Yes, the truffle trend may be overdone, but the truffle lobster mac and cheese at Ruth’s Chris is exceptional. Tender lobster is combined with an aged cheddar mac, creating a rich and flavorful dish. The truffle-herb crust adds texture, and the deep, rich flavor is enough to satisfy any craving. This dish is indulgent, so consider sharing if you want to save room for your steak.

Avoid: Sweet Potato Casserole

While sweet potato casserole is a classic holiday dish, it doesn’t quite fit the menu at Ruth’s Chris. The side lacks flavor and texture, making it an underwhelming addition. It doesn’t pair well with steak, and there are better options available.

Must-Try: Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Honey and Bacon

Roasted brussels sprouts at Ruth’s Chris are a win for vegetable lovers. The bitterness of brussels sprouts is balanced with honey, and the addition of bacon adds richness and flavor. The result is a deliciously crispy and flavorful vegetable dish that pairs perfectly with steak.

Pass: Creamed Spinach

Creamed spinach at Ruth’s Chris falls flat. It lacks flavor and gets cold quickly. It feels like an afterthought on the menu, without much thought put into it. There are better vegetable options to choose from.

Go for It: Grilled Asparagus with Hollandaise Sauce

Grilled asparagus at Ruth’s Chris is a luxurious and flavorful side dish. The asparagus is grilled to perfection, tender with a slight snap. Served with hollandaise sauce, it’s a match made in heaven. This dish is the perfect complement to a delicious, juicy steak.

The Winner: Garlic Mashed Potatoes

When it comes to potato dishes at Ruth’s Chris, the garlic mashed potatoes steal the show. Creamy and flavorful, these mashed potatoes have just the right amount of garlic. The roasted garlic adds sweetness and complexity to the dish. If you’re unsure which potato dish to order, go for the garlic mashed potatoes.

While the lobster bisque is technically not a side dish, it’s worth mentioning. It’s a mildly salty soup with bits of lobster, but it’s not particularly impressive.

Now that you know the best and worst sides at Ruth’s Chris, you can make informed choices to enhance your dining experience. Enjoy your steak and sides, and savor every bite!

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