Sub In A Tub Recipe

Hey there, friends! Welcome to my kitchen at El Reno Ok. Today, I’m going to share an amazing meal prepping idea with you: the sub in a tub. Now, I know we all used to love those delicious sub sandwiches, but on the keto diet, bread is a no-go. But fear not! With this recipe, you can savor all the flavors of a sub sandwich without the carbs. Plus, it’s super simple and perfect for meal prepping. So, let’s get started!

Sub In A Tub Recipe
Sub In A Tub Recipe

Building Your Sub in a Tub

The first step in making your sub in a tub is gathering all the ingredients. For this recipe, you’ll need a variety of meats. I like using a 3-pack combo with smoked turkey, black horse ham, and oven-roasted chicken. You can find these combo packs at the grocery store or even at Costco. Of course, feel free to use your favorite meats.

Start by taking a meal prep container and layering a couple of slices of smoked turkey at the bottom. Add a few slices of ham on top, just like they do at Subway. Fold the meats nicely and stack them one layer at a time.

Next, it’s time to add some veggies. I love shredded lettuce, but you can use your preferred mix of greens. For some extra nutrition, try using darker greens like kale and spinach. In this recipe, I’m keeping it simple with shredded iceberg lettuce. Along with the lettuce, I’m adding a few bell peppers for color and crunch. Keep in mind that peppers are slightly higher in carbs, so be mindful of your intake. Finally, top it off with some sliced cucumber.

No sub is complete without cheese! My personal favorite is provolone, but you can use cheddar, marbled pepper jack, or any cheese you love. Place a couple of slices of cheese on top of the veggies. Remember, we don’t need an overwhelming amount of cheese; just enough to add that delicious flavor.

To add some extra zing, I recommend adding a little bit of red onion. I absolutely love the tangy and crunchy kick it brings to the sub. However, don’t go overboard if you have plans later in the day. We don’t want onion breath to spoil our fun!

Feel free to customize your sub in a tub with your favorite toppings like olives, jalapenos, or feta cheese. Get creative and make it your own!

Dressing it Up

Now it’s time to add some dressing. I suggest using a squeeze bottle for a fancy and easy drizzle effect. You can use mayonnaise for a creamy touch and a squeeze of your favorite Italian dressing for extra flavor. If you’re preparing these subs in advance, I recommend adding the dressings just before you eat them. This ensures that everything stays fresh and crisp.

Give it a final touch with a sprinkle of black pepper, and voila! Your sub in a tub is ready to enjoy.

Meal Prep Made Easy

The beauty of this recipe is that you can fully customize it to suit your taste. You can also make these subs ahead of time, storing them in the fridge. Just remember to keep the dressings separate and add them right before eating. That way, your sub will stay as fresh as possible.

For the full recipe, head over to my blog at El Reno Ok. And if you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below. I’ll get back to you quickly. Don’t forget to subscribe for more tasty recipes!

Thanks for joining me in the kitchen, and I hope you enjoy making and devouring your very own sub in a tub. Bon appétit!

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